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These works are the result of my struggles to express myself, to take in the complexity of life, process it and survive it. The human condition is a difficult one. We are intelligent beings hunted by the shadow of death. To be, and to know that you are, is also to know that you will cease to be. That knowledge is terrifying and creates a strong anxiety that humanity has to bear throughout their brief existence. The only defense mechanism we have is to create the illusion of immortality, to cheat death by living a symbolic life, elevating ourselves from the status of powerless creatures to God like beings. We are neurotic animals that fabricate their own illusory  immortality in other to live out their lives.

Some people's shields are weaker, and they are more vulnerable to the terror of being. Art is a way to take in this terror and instead of being overwhelmed, to fight back. My paintings are such an attempt to fight back, a dance with the unknown. An attempt to control the unexpected and to use it. I put all these anxious feelings of being on a canvas in black ink and try to control them and shape them.  Then I let the water, as the unknown element, to blend with it and modify its shape. I'm turning the angst into a thrill, by anticipating the outcome. The unknown becomes then a wonderful power that takes what I give it, blurs it and shapes it into a reality more true to me than the shields of everyday life. My paintings are a process of acceptance of the unknown, which freezes on a canvas the dance between what we want and the unexpected. I call it "A dance with Nothingness"

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