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Emerging from Beijing’s underground experimental arts scene, Andreea Hriscu- now based in Berlin- creates paintings & performances within the Neo-Abstract Expressionist movement. Her painting performances are dark, emotional, and viscerally intense. They explore and embody different aspects of the psyche: the subconscious, the hidden aspects of the self and the unfelt raw emotions. Within this embodiment, she becomes fully immersed in the artistic process, blurring the boundaries between the self, the process, and the object. The performances always take place in tandem with live experimental music, which forms the landscape for Andreea’s visceral gestural abstractions and painting. 
Invisible Landscapes
In collaboration with DFA 89 - Dawn and Dusk Club, Beijing, China
April 2018
Experimental Edge
in collaboration with Silence ((O))), Jam Bar, Bangkok, Thailand
July 2018
In collaboration with Emerge and Nekronoise aka Guiguisuisui
An der Autobhan, Berlin, Germany
July 2019
Waltzing the Storm- A duo for Turbulent Times
Piano by Renee T. Coloumbe - 'Anarchy in the Garden' festival for women in experimental arts
Kühlspot, Berlin
July 7 2022
Persephone's Descent
Live Sound: Days Like Television - Live painting performance presented at Untergeschoss der Pandora Art Gallery, Berlin.
February 17 2023
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